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 Betreff des Beitrags: Character Conception Special: Wintermaul
BeitragVerfasst: 27. Sep 2010, 03:26 

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In diesem Beitrag finden sich die wichtigsten Informationen über Wintermaul.
Für detailiertere Angaben müsst ihr aber noch bis Cataclysm warten ...

Alsender of Wintermaul

Title: Duke of Wintermaul, Lord of Tyr, Marshal of Lordaeron, Field Marshal of Stormwind, Knight of the Alliance, Grandmaster of the Illuminated Knights of the Silver Cross, Light of Dawn, Crusader, Argent Overlord, Ruler of Wintergarde Keep, Commander of Menethil Harbor
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Character class: Warrior
Affiliation: Knights of the Silver Cross, Alliance of Lordaeron, formerly the Kingdom of Lordaeron, Knights of the Silver Hand
Occupation: Superior General
Location: Gilneas
Status: Diseased
Relatives: Anselm of Wintermaul (father), Elora of Wintermaul (mother), Gardun of Wintermaul (brother), Rurikon Honorstroke (nephew), Lestad Northermist (half-brother), Unforgiving (steed)
Mentor: formerly Veras the Anduling, Edward Kang


Alsender was born to Anselm, Duke of Wintermaul, three years before the start of the First War. The young lord grew up in a time when the lands of Azeroth were ravaged by war, the Alliance was crumbling, and darker clouds still loomed on the horizon. As a young child, he became friends with Arthas Menethil.

As a youth, Alsender was trained in combat by Leonid Barthalomew, a great hero of Lordaeron, and became an adept swordsman. Under the tutelage of Edward Kang, Alsender was inducted into the Knights of the Silver Hand at the young age of 18. The ceremony was held in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and it was the same day, Prince Arthas Menethil joined the Knights of the Silver Hand under the tutelage of Uther the Lightbringer. It was then that Alsender was given the holy blade called Truesilver Champion.

Despite his superiority in fight, Alsender had problems with the life of a knight. He behaved rebellious towards Kang and for that, was often punished with dirty work.
After an argument with his mentor, Alsender returned to the landholding of his family.

Later his father and brother were killed by Arthas himself, when the Plague had overcome Lordaeron.
Alsender succeeded in rescuing the lifes of some villagers, leading them westwards to Dalaran.
On their journey he met the elven spellbreaker Veras Windrunner and they became friends.

In Dalaran, preparations were made to fight back the Scourge and Alsender wanted to take command of an army to exact vengeance on Arthas. Subsequently he participated in the foundation of a new knight order, the Illuminated Knights of the Silver Cross, along with his nephew Rurikon, Veras and a mage called Bishop Keeneye.
Through his position as grandmaster of a growing military order he gained a say in the following crusades of Lordaeron.
(See also: The Chronicles of the Crusades)

After the crusaders had failed in retaking Lordaeron City from the Scourge, Alsender and his knights went southwards, establishing bases all over the Eastern Kingdoms.
Alsender never wanted to give up his revange and worked hard to come to money for a renewed crusade.
He hired mercenaries and recruited young knights and finally invaded Lordaeron, which belonged to the Forsaken by then, once again.
His army was devided into two divisions. One part moved northwards by land, the other part sailed across the great sea.
It was that part, that came into a storm and did not weather it out.

Stranded in Gilneas, Alsender led a few men to a scouting expedition. In the forests near the coast, the group was attacked by a huge thorny beast and only Alsender survived. Nevertheless the hellhound certainly infected Alsender with a mysterious disease, including fever and angry outbursts.
It was decided that Rurikon should take command of the knights until Alsender would be recovered.


The Sword - Wintermaul is wielding a blade called Agol'thar, which was reforged from the fragments of the Truesilver Champion. It looks like a huge silver cross.
It's also said that he owns other famous swords such as Glorenzelg and Ashkandi.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Character Conception Special: Wintermaul
BeitragVerfasst: 29. Sep 2010, 15:41 

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Mist wieder auf Englisch... Aber soweit ich es mir übersetzen konnt find ich Wintermaul ganz interessant. Freue mich schon auf weitere Infos ;) Hoffentlich mit Deutscher übersetzung

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Character Conception Special: Wintermaul
BeitragVerfasst: 3. Okt 2010, 23:48 

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So ihr Lieben,
Jetz weiß ich womit ich mich rumschlagen muss ...

a.K.a Lysandre Kathryn von Wintermaul


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